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Asia has some of the best functioning democracies  in the world. India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka have nearly  eight decades of democratic  governance systems in place. However, some other countries since their independence from colonial rule are still struggling to  protect the democratic institutions, maintain the rule of law, social justice and pursue economic growth . Asia Center for Democracy and Development (ACFDD) believes  that  democracy does certainly promote economic growth by laying good foundations through inclusive  institutions (guarantying to a certain degree the participation of the majority of the population), governance, rule of law, stability and thereby build confidence for investors to invest. Even though emerging populism, nativism, religious based antagonism becoming  constraints for democratic governance, in the long-run, only an inclusive decision-making process, motivating people to give their opinion [and] to be more involved in society, is capable of bringing political stability and sustainable  development.


Promote democracy and development in the Asia Region forming new talent, youth leadership, and dialogue encouraging innovation and international cooperation activities and exchange of good practices.

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