Our organization focuses on activities, research and programs on the following topics:

  • Laws and policies that promote equal opportunities. 
  • Education and Social Integration. This is to provide support for curricula development, art and language proficiency for multilingual/multicultural norms, and cultural exchange programs between different ethnic and religious communities
  • Institutional Strengthening, Political Tolerance and Reconciliation. support CSOs. NGOs that works for inter-ethnic social harmony, provide local authority level peace committees,
  • Rule of Law and Human Rights Enforcement. Provide training and orientations for security forces on language use, religious and cultural rights of deferent communities, support poor and vulnerable groups to get legal support in human right issues
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship focusing social enterprise promotion. Social enterprise focusing women headed households, disable persons, unemployed youth, youth who left out from schools etc.
  • Development Partnerships in the Europe and Asia for democratic governance. Conduct joint workshops, conferences and study tours to promote democratic institutional and governance systems among the countries in Asia and between Europe
  • Conflict Resolution and Interfaith Dialogue. The activities may include programs to host religious dialogues between main colleagues leaders, support political and civil society groups to develop social relationships among people who have not engaged with other ethnic and religious communities.
  • De-Radicalization and reconciliation: The support the community level clergy and traditional rulers and civil society organizations in developing and disseminating counter-radical narratives to radical ideologies of fundamentalist groups in Asia with the with the support of intra and inter-community coordination.
  • Leadership Programme: Practitioner-based training programs engage emerging civic leaders and social entrepreneurs who are working to achieve or deepen democracy and social justice in some of the most challenging environments in the Asia region.
  • Poverty, Violence and Governance : The Poverty, Violence and Governance is dedicated to the study of the causes and consequences of criminal violence in the Asia and to the design and evaluation of interventions that reduce crime and improve security in areas of weak governance.
  • Development through Institutional Reforms and Bureaucratic Re-Orientation: There is no blueprint for Development. In order to realization of development , it is necessary to advocate the change of an existing system or institutions through reforms and re-orientations. The institutions and systems that are existing need no replacement but modifications. Reformism is the view that gradual changes through existing institutions can eventually lead to fundamental changes in a society’s political and economic systems. Similarly , re-orientation of bureaucratic mindset to work towards practical solutions can eventually lead to the emergence of entirely different economic and political systems than those of present-day capitalism and democracy.