The programs will be accomplished by the following activities:

  • Create a network of political, community, opinion and grass-root leaders in Asia committed to democratic reform and solutions to poverty, social  inequality, racial and religious  conflicts under the framework of sustainable development;
  • Establishment of country level (selected countries) think tank and professional associations that will pursue research and produce policy papers and other products and services to support Government and international agencies;
  • Exchange knowledge through workshops, conference and synergies with other professional bodies in the region;
  • Networking by promoting close ties among political/ religious leaders in order to share experiences, provide mutual support and common agendas to impact public opinion for good governance;
  • Training and capacity building of young professionals as champions to uphold democratic  values and social justice;
  • Research on successful experiences to transfer know-how among and throughout the network.
  • Offers advanced approaches to addressing cross-cultural, interfaith, inter-ethnic, and ideological divides while evaluating and scaling up the impact of such initiatives.
  • Builds and strengthens democratic institutions by helping to expand and improve deliberative spaces and public participation mechanisms; promote more open, legally-grounded, and evidence-based policymaking and decision-making processes; establish more effective and socially accountable oversight mechanisms; promote innovative, efficient, and transparent modes of government regulation; and harness accessible technologies to improve service delivery.
  • Reconciliation and Reorientation for peace and social harmony : The supports the community level clergy and traditional rulers and civil society organizations in developing and disseminating counter-radical narratives to radical ideologies of religious and ethnic extremist groups in Asia. Also addressing increasing distrust between the security agencies and the communities which has further accentuated the emergence of extremism  and rendered ineffective government’s counter- reconciliation measures. Community leaders and  agencies would also be brought up-to-scale on community partnership in the fight against  extremism  and reconciliation with the support of intra and inter-community coordination.